Conditions for unemployment benefits last 2015 of VietNam

When workers do not have jobs or are unemployed, then what they need it's monthly income to sustain life through these difficult days. Therefore, unemployment insurance was introduced.
Unemployment insurance is a mode to compensate part of the income of workers as lost jobs, support workers vocational training and job retention, employment on the basis of closing into the unemployment insurance fund .
So the conditions for unemployment insurance benefits in 2015 include?
Pursuant to the Law on Employment No. 38/2013 / QH13 dated 11/16/2013 and NGI No. 28/2015 / ND-CP dated 12/03/2015 have:
Entities entitled to unemployment benefits if they satisfy the following factors:
eligibility for unemployment insurance- Employees have participated in unemployment insurance premiums when signing labor contracts:+ The labor contract, contract work indefinite period+ Labor contract deadline+ Seasonal labor contracts from 3 months to less than 12 months become.
- Was the labor contract termination, loss of employment except the following cases:+ The employee unilaterally terminate employment+ The labor contract contrary to the law+ Those who are receiving pensions, invalidity allowance monthly.
- Has played unemployment insurance for 12 months became 24 months before termination of the labor contract (with a labor contract with a term or indefinite).- Has played unemployment insurance for 12 months or 36 months prior to the termination of the labor contract (with seasonal labor contracts from 3 months to less than 12 months should be).- Following submission unemployment allowance at employment service center within 03 months from the date of termination of the labor contract.- Filing for unemployment benefits and 15 days later still no jobs except for the following cases:+ Employees perform military service, police obligations;+ The laborers have academic term of full 12 months;+ Executive decided to apply the measure of sending to reformatories, education establishments mandatory, compulsory detoxification establishments;+ Employees detainees; serving sentence of imprisonment;+ Employees residing abroad; workers go abroad under contracts;+ The employee died.
A few notes about the condition of unemployment benefits to employees should know:
- If employees signed contracts with many companies, the unemployment insurance contributions in the company's first labor contract.- Since 1.1.2015 now though only 1 employee also must pay unemployment insurance rather than 10 employees became as before.- Unemployment insurance premiums up 2%. In which employees pay 1%, the employer and 1%. Wage calculation for UI contribution is not less than minimum wageDetails: Minimum Wage rot newest area
- The employee must submit an application for the UI within 3 months from the date of termination of the labor contract (if later than 3 months will not be considered)- Duration of unemployment insurance premiums for unemployment insurance for consideration of the sum of the duration of unemployment insurance has played continuously or intermittently is accumulated from the start of the unemployment insurance premiums until workers terminate labor contracts or contract work as prescribed by law, but not unemployment benefits.
In summary for unemployment benefits, you should note the following issues:- We are unemployed- Has played unemployment insurance for at least 12 months- Send profile on unemployment benefits service center jobs within 3 months from the date of unemployment.
When satisfying the above conditions, you will be entitled to unemployment benefits under the provisions.

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