Fired for disloyalty to her why there was not?

With this situation, people will solve how? Or situations and can be met. Practical examples here: Reporters crystal member, child or mother and why he broke his neck fired?

I need to do?

By chance I discovered Forces, my new assistant did not live with his mother as he was told. Old mother of Army 78 am to reside in a cramped motel room in the alley in District 8, HCM City. Meanwhile, the big house of the father forces leave, he leased the ground floor, while upstairs is living with his girlfriend. Who told me this story is Huyen Thanh, HR department staff./

Stories from the company cause Longevity parents send gifts of staff over 70 years old. When the list for approval, Huyen Thanh pointed to the name of military mothers said: "The grandmother is not at the address where sir". I was surprised: "Not here, then where? This was his home address Forces that? They only have one mother, one child ...". Huyen Thanh shook his head: "Yes, the Army that he rent part, and the part he was with his girlfriend. The woman must go in the rent ...".

I hear that not believe his ears. Military personnel are a dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated. But my new assistant for several months but he proved he was born to do this work. He read my thoughts, sometimes do not need to order, everything has been arranged where in do.Ngoai work, special forces very sensitive in capturing the boss's preferences. What I want to eat, what to wear, what to play and where ... Army understands where standard and sorted out, the little time I have to remind, there is.For me, that, even with my vice president, forces were equally enthusiastic. Home ownership is one, the first one is the military presence. He cut put things like pre-programmed, given the input, press the button that has a complete product.

I remember about 1 month ago, Quan for leave for a week to get the mother to travel abroad. Although the company which prepared an important event but I still agree, even encouraged to take vacation mom Army outings. After signing the application for the Army, I also think of military mothers so happy to have such a filial son.

Yet what her staff said the HR department has upset all my thoughts about his assistants. I decided to check things on their own. Not easy to find the address that Huyen Thanh gave me. It is located in a small alley in Pham The Hien Street. I run the motor, ask hour to find the right new home looking for.The grandmother was not open to me if I called her son's colleagues. Until a few moments later with a middle-aged woman carrying rice quilt makers to call the bear opened her new instrument. "I do in that he forces you? Where he does not come here. Every month I have to side bring the money to the markets, rice water for the old woman. 78 years old, at the memory, forget time, while amusing, sad time. Many older women today just out the door muttering called me to dinner. Every day I look at twice to bring a bag lunch and cleaning the house, washing the old woman. Each month you pay me 2 million military wages "- sister just mentioned, just put the rice to the lady.

The grandmother teased Trao chewing rice, sometimes bent down picked up some discarded mouth wart. I asked: "Your son across with whom?". Sisters grimaces: "I do not know. Listen to what is in with a girl so beautiful. Heard her grandmother cooking in dirty, hard of hearing, said many troops should tell him in her own ... '.

I keep getting out of that old lady haunting image. Military call up the next day I asked: "Now his mother are you?". Military smile: "Yes, my mother very well. Are traveling abroad, the lady very excited ". I seethe angry but tried to restrain: "Really?". Military embarrassing obvious: "What?". I pounded the table: "You lie unknown mouth embarrassed you? Get out of my sight. "

Military somewhat surprised by my anger but also tweet went out. I call on the HR Manager: "Find me someone else replace his assistant Army". "What is it your boss?" - Bewildered human resource manager. I told everything to him and said that his hearing could not accept an inhuman, unjust, such disloyalty. Quite unexpected but personnel manager agrees: "It is true that we have been cheated. A person with his mother was not treated well it can treat anyone? ".

But we think that both countries corruption is still not find a reason to leave the Army. If citing his disloyalty to his mother was not very stable at all because it is a private affair of staff, the company has no right to interfere. And if they do not use for the holiday with such personality, sure what forces leave me alone?

I want to hand his assistant but had a few days off work and still could not find the reason. Head of HR said: "I suggest he take leave certain things but he does not agree". If so, then I have to do?

Le Khoa

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